The Gyre

The term "gyre," from a Greek word meaning "rotation", refers to the immense whirlpools of water formed by marine currents in the oceans.

Angela Rabaglio and Micaël Florentz remind us that matter is in perpetual motion, it knows no rest. From this uninterrupted flow of energy, the forms of reality we know rise and fall. The Gyre is a piece that evolves from an extremely simple action: walking. Very quickly we are transported into a delicate and precise score where two bodies spin in perpetual movement. This simplicity delicately transports us to the edge of time and evokes awareness of a universe without absence.

The Gyre is a whirlwind of pure movement that winds and unwinds, and becomes more complex without ever stopping. The two dancers spin without stopping and, step by step, they unwind a hypnotic score of intertwined movements. The line that separates them from each other undulates, fades and then disappears.