Gaëlle Bourges

Revoir Lascaux

Gaëlle Bourges' stage work is based on her interest in art, art history, works of art and how they represent the world and bodies.

In Revoir Lascaux, she follows in the footsteps of the four teenagers who, in September 1940, discovered the Lascaux cave and its fabulous bestiary of horses, deer, aurochs and cats dancing on the walls where they were painted and engraved 18 000 years ago.

In a theatre of shadows and masks, in the heart of a cave made of cardboard and fabric, the choreographer takes the explorers (and the spectators) into a scenic time-travel machine allowing them to sing and dance with the artists of Lascaux, and to incorporate the spirit, and the life force of the animals painted on the walls.

Following the path of the imagination, Revoir Lascaux taps into the emotion of the distant yet strangely close world of our ancestors who used masks to adorn themselves with the spirit of the animals. (For audiences aged 8 and up)