Karine Ponties


Drawing and animation have a special place in Karine Ponties' creations, which contain secrets, the extraordinary and the extravagant. With Lichens, Karine Ponties wanted to open up her creative work, with inspiration from the animated film "Le Conte des Contes" by the Russian filmmaker Yuri Norstein. The aim was not to reproduce Norstein's aesthetic, but rather to draw on his meticulous work to build a new edifice. What emerges is a piece that is constructed like memory itself, like the structural texture of consciousness. It is a tale with no narrative thread to weave in and out among fleeting encounters and impressions, taking us on a journey from poetic image to physical virtuosity. Lichens ignores trends and reveals a world —ours, or almost ours—that must be constantly reinvented.

Duration: 70 minutes. For ages ten and up

Choreographer: Karine Ponties Performers: Ares D'Angelo, Eric Domeneghetty, Vera Gorbacheva, Liesbeth Kiebooms, Nilda Martinez, Jaro Vinarsky

Artistic collaborator/Lighting designer/Technical director: Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Artistic collaborator/Sound and stage manager: Quentin Simon

Original music composer: David Monceau

Carpenter: Yann Vekemans Costume designer: Gaëlle Marras

Photographer: Andrea Messana

Production manager: Anne Nicolle

Production assistant: Nerina Cocchi

Production: Dame de Pic / Cie Karine Ponties Coproduction: Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry-sur-Seine, Les Brigittines, Théâtre Victor Hugo de Bagneux, Charleroi Danse, La Coop asbl and Shelter Prod. With support from Théâtre des Doms, Scènes&Cinés, Studio Cango Cantieri Goldonetta, Val-de-Marne Department,, ING and the Belgian federal government's tax-shelter.