La Scie du Bourgeon

Encore heureux

From the tenderness of youth to the fiery passion of old age, and vice versa. The delights of time passing and investing bodies with a singular history. A man and a woman write their story in the present, the future and the past. Leaping between tenses, believing and tasting them.

The spectator becomes an accomplice in this intimate game of strength, fragility and laughter. In the morning in the metro, in the supermarket queue, or on the beach. Our eyes catch glimpses of thousands of singular stories in everyday life. Sometimes we forget to get off at the right metro stop, or we might forget what time it is.

These stories, of which we know neither the beginning nor the end, are like asides, naked truths without artifice that create a desire to know more, just a little bit more. At the café, we would like to get up at the same time other people do and take a few steps beside them to share in this unveiled intimacy a little more.