Thierry Smits / Cie Thor


Summertime is both an opportunity created to reunite again after a traumatic pandemic experience and a research project whose central objects are solar and chromatic heat, range of motion and the human relationships that feed on it.

The artist, accustomed to contemporary creations between dance and performance, offers us a great return to choreography centered on movement. In order to do so, he brings together a team of leading-edge - seven dancers and five musicians - who come from all over Europe. Musicians and dancers move on a circular carpet whose grip and reflection of light helps to build a sun on the ground, vibrant and dazzling. Sounds directly inspired by a baroque repertoire, which will accompany the dancers’ bodies, will sometimes be interpreted by the quintet "The Wig Society", are enveloped in the contemporary electronic compositions of Jean-François Lejeune.

Choreography : Thierry Smits // Performers : Giada Castoni, Victoria Kennett, Nelson Reguera, Alessandro Sollima, Dries Verstreepen // Musicians : Elias Bartholomeus, Matteo Gemolo, Conor Gricmanis, Blanca Prieto, Lisa Schweiger // Choreographic assistant : Vincenzo Carta // Costume design : Stefania Assandri // Assistant costume design and dressing : Miguel Penanrada-Olmeda // Sound design : Jean-François Lejeune // Light design and making : Ralf Noon // Administration, production : Emmanuelle Nsunda // Communication : Matié Vigné

A show of the Thors Company, corealisation with the Théâtre Varia. Coproduction Charleroi danse, La Coop asbl et Shelter Prod. With the support of, ING and tax shelter of Belgian federal governement.

Photo's : © Cie Thor