Do Brunet

REACTIVATION L'art du geste

Thirty-five years after the premiere of Romance en Stuc at the Cloître des Célestins in Avignon, Daniel Larrieu is bringing this enigmatic piece back to life. During rehearsals, he is inviting back people who were there at the time, involving some of them in it again now. One of them is Do Brunand. Back then she danced this strange romantic-punk choreography with its Greek and sensual aesthetic; now she is producing a documentary film.

A video director for almost 15 years, she accompanies Daniel Larrieu as he goes through films from the past, immersed in a raw work of memory. It is a film of memory that is not fixed. With a shared aim of “writing a story, a piece of dance history. And to be involved in passing it on.”

What is the gesture/body saying about this yesterday and the here and now? How do the pieces live on in our memories?
 It is about dance as a marker of our lives.

In the frame of unlocked 02 festival.

- Tickets online soon available on Charleroi danse 's website -

Réalisation : Do Brunet // Montage : Mathilde Renard // Production : Look at Sciences

Coproduction : Comprtements sonores, Astrakan collection Daniel Larrieu

This project is supported by the Directorate General for Artistic Creation (DGCA), the Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès and Images de la Culture (CNC).