20 min.

Voetvolk & Dirk Braeckman


Photographer and artist Dirk Braeckman and Voetvolk are joining forces in a unique collaboration: together they are creating a visual reinterpretation of Penelope, the spellbinding twenty-minute solo by Lisbeth Gruwez. In this epilogue to the KVS production Odysseus. Een zwerver komt thuis (2017), Lisbeth Gruwez played all the

women in the Odyssey who were left in the shadows, thus giving the men the lead.

Two intrinsically linked black and white silent films transfer Lisbeth Gruwez’s choreography to a new medium and give it a new aesthetic from different angles.

The underlying friction between movement and immobility is nevertheless preserved, as the spinning itself is a search for an unchanging centre within the self: the state of alertness.