Marcos Morau, La Veronal


An intriguing futuristic universe, both strange and poetic, is populated by robotic creatures that are busy, disarticulated and, it would seem, stripped of their emotions and desires. The stage design, with its studied perfection, cold colours and distanced aesthetic, projects us into a space located somewhere between an airport terminal and the warehouse of a multinational corporation. What remains of the humanity of these robotic creatures? What do they feel? Are the contortions of their bodies, their jerky movements part of a game or signs of suffering?

Marcos Morau, together with his company La Veronal, composes transversal choreographed works using different forms of expression ranging from cinema, to fine arts and literature. With an entomologist's eye on his eight dancers, he explores the mechanism of passions and questions the notion of progress. Pasionaria poses questions in order to better understand the enigma of our impulses, obsessions and loves.