Gabriela Carrizo / Peeping Tom


From the moment the curtain rises, Moeder draws its audience into an unstable world where we must question even the everyday certainties that form our perception. Where are we? Which of these figures is the mother? Is she even here? Far from being a classic eponymous figure, this mother exists in the hazy dusk that lingers on the edge of uncertainty.

In this piece, Peeping Tom hone in on memory: life as a mosaic that we collectively put together. The brain becomes like a store-room, holding events that collide and coalesce, defining who we are. The piece isn’t a museum in which the “I” is glorified but a strange kind of laboratory, that digs deep into the past.

Moeder is at once funny and strange, disturbing but also astonishingly familiar. At its heart sits the idea that we are sometimes engulfed by the world – and the show casts a wry gaze at all our vain efforts to fit pieces into a larger story.

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Photo : Herman Sorgeloos