Habib Ben Tanfous

Half & Half Closer

When an artist completes a residency at La Bellone, a Half & Half Closer is organised in order to look back on what the artist focused on during that time. A "Half & Half" is two-part public meeting. The first half hour is an interview that is conducted and recorded by the La Bellone team in the workspace; it is then made available on Compile Audio. A second half hour, the Closer portion, takes place at the Bellone Café at 46 rue de Flandre and consists of an informal meeting with the artist over a real half-en-half.

How is it that I can remember things I haven't experienced? Do I have a choice about what I inherit? How much responsibility do I have in this?

I have often asked myself: Who am I? Who is this 'I' on whom so much rests?

I have never known how to answer, perhaps so as not to paralyze something that should remain in motion. Perhaps the answer to "Who am I?" can be found in the eyes of those around me. And those around me consider that my "I" comes from elsewhere.

Ici je lègue ce qui ne m’appartient pas is an attempt, an attempt to define who I am through the prism of those who have gone before us. A body, a microphone and a complex identity. The work is sound- and body-focused, because the voice and the body are, in my view, the two characteristics that best define our identity.

Habib Ben Tanfous is based in Brussels, where he began training in hip-hop dance at the age of 15. He has worked with many artists, including the collectives Impulsion and The Revolutionary. At the age of 22, he began his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in interpretation and stage skills. He graduated with honours in 2018 and was awarded the Jury Prize. He is a member of the RAVIE collective and one of the artists who make up Tremplin Danse Hip-Hop #3. In 2019, he began post-graduate work in dance and choreographic practices at Charleroi Danse in partnership with INSAS and ENSAV La Cambre. He has performed under the direction of Manoël Dupont, Harpo Guit, Hélène Theunissen, Diane Fourdrignier, Adeline Rosenstein, Armel Roussel, Pauline d'Ollone and Olivia Grandville. As a choreographer, he created Finek, a piece for five dancers, presented at the Festival Courant d'air 2018, then at COCQ'ARTS 2019 and Orchestre vide, as part of Tremplin Danse Hip‑Hop #3.