Marcia Liu

Dr. Strange Love II : How I Stop Thinking & Fall in Love with A Cat

Our relationship with pets gives us a chance to reposition and “re-territorialise” ourselves within a familiar environment.

The day when “our animal” confronts us, harasses us or questions us with something strange, beyond projecting our self-esteem onto it or an extension of our ego, we come across something unidentifiable. The mechanism of power and domestication breaks down and is supplanted by our questions and our imagination: “What’s life like on the other side?” How can we live together with our differences and understand what the world is like for someone else?

In this project, Marcia Liu wants to open up our imaginations to the conditions of domestication that are not just about domination and the hierarchy of power.

As part of PIF5.

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Concept et performance : Marcia Liu // Son et image : Klaas Boelen // Recherche sonore préliminaire : Adrian Kurth // Design cube et costumes : Alessandro Licata // Conseils dramaturgiques : Simon Baetens de workspacebrussels

Résidences : CC Berchem, C-takt, Théâtre la Balsamine, Le BAMP, SummerStudios, Workspacebrussels // Coproductions : C-takt, Workspacebrussels // Soutiens : La Commission communautaire flamande (VGC), Le BAMP // Remerciements : Erik Minnen, Xander Houben et l'équipe technique de dommelhof pour la construction du cube ; Kosmonaut Productions; Les Moutons Bruxellois; Matthieu Virot pour des constructions électroniques.

Production et logistique : True Blue asbl. Photo : Klaas Boelen

Photo : Klaas Boelen