Marc Vanrunxt / Kunst/Werk & Bahar Temiz

White on White


Which movements or fragments of movements does a dancer remember after years of training and performance experience? In the first part of this solo for dancer Bahar Temiz, Vanrunxt explores the power and the possible significance of movement through memory. In the second part, Bahar fights a decelerated ‘disco-drone’: a scene in one flash of light that does not stop. In a monumental costume by fashion designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard, her shape constantly shifts, while in the background we see images from Bahar’s and Vanrunxt’s archive that have been adapted by the Antwerp-based artist Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven. The combination of these extremely expressive and extraverted artists causes fireworks. The result is both a performative total experience and an exercise in concentration and serenity.

Marc Vanrunxt has made several solos for exceptional dancers, such as Marie De Corte, Rob Fordeyn and Igor Shyshko. He met the Turkish dancer and choreographer Bahar Temiz in 2014 during a workshop by Platform 0090 in Istanbul. Temiz has danced with Willi Dorner, Clément Layes, Superamas and Ivana Müller, among others, and also makes her own work.

Choreography: Marc Vanrunxt / Dance : Bahar Temiz / Costume design : Jean-Paul Lespagnard / Set design: Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / Light & technique: Stefan Alleweireldt / Artistic advice: Marie-Anne Schotte.

Production Kunst/Werk, Co-production Platform 0090, STUK–Huis voor Dans, Beeld & Geluid, Residency wp Zimmer, Support by the Flemish authorities.