30 min.

Irene Russolillo



TULIP is part of a process that seeks, in the creation of a show, the musica(bi)lityof events and sensations. The research will focus on eros and distance, starting from the concept of primal distantiation between the human beings. Exploring different possible exercises both physical and theoretical as a source of creation, it wants to get to a performance made of music, voice and movement.

At the crossroads of dance, theater and singing, awarded with the Equilibrio prize / best performance, Masdanza / best performance, Virginia Reiter / best actress, Irene Russolillo collaborated with renowned artists such as Roberto Castello, Micha Van Hoecke , Erdem Gunduz, Abbondanza / Bertoni. She is a member of the Tuscan Association ALDES. She is also Associate Artist of the Oriente Occidente Festivalof Roveretowhere she creates "The Speech" with Lisi Estaras / Ballets C of the B and "This is your skin » her last creation.

By and with Irene Russolillo.