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Arkadi Zaides

The Sound of Movement

Meet the artist

ISAC, (Higher Institute of Arts and Choreography of Brussels) and La Bellone (House of Performing Arts) propose three public meetings with international artists invited as part of the education program: Faustin Linyekula, Mithkal Alzghair and Arkadi Zaides. These meetings are moderated by Daniel Blanca-Gubbay.

Each artist is invited to share with the public a selection of five sound materials (Rhythms, soundscapes, conversations, sounds or songs) that give perspective to their artistic work.

The specificity of these meetings is an invitation to listen to these materials chosen by the artist who have staked his career and allow us to consider his practice of movement through the prism of sound.

On March 1st at 5pm La Bellone will welcome Arkadi Zaides, independent choreographer. Born in Belarus in 1979. He immigrated to Israel in 1990 and currently lives in France. Zaides' work examines the ways in which political and social contexts affect the physical body and constitute choreography. It offers an inclusive field that brings together diverse communities and sectors of society.

The encounter will be held in English