Mark Tompkins

STAYIN ALIVE à ma mère

In his caustic, moving solo STAYIN ALIVE à ma mère, Mark Tompkins brings together a lifetime of memories and fascination for the stage. Dedicated to his mother, the piece turns into a survival guide, a set of instructions for younger generations about growing old happily. The wisdom carried by a serious man, an exceptional showman, who knows not to take himself too seriously.

In the framework of festival LEGS @ Charleroi danse

Conception, interpretation : Mark Tompkins / Scenography, costumes, dramaturgy : Jean-Louis Badet / Staging : Frans Poelstra / Technical direction : David Farine / Lights : Titouan Lechevalier / Music : Song For Our Ancestors Steve Miller, Stayin’ Alive Bee Gees, I Would Die 4 U Prince, I Am What I Am Gloria Gaynor, When the Music’s Over The Doors, The End The Beatles, Private Eyes, Emotional Blackmail, Hot or Cold, Blind Date, Stay Alive composed by Nuno Rebelo & Mark Tompkins – Mark Lewis & The Standards, Is That All There Is arrangement Sarah Murcia (piano and double bass), Benoît Delbecq (piano) /Photo © Gérard Beringer

Production : I.D.A. Coproduction : CND Centre national de la danse, Les Subsistances, TanzQuartier Wien IDA MARK TOMPKINS is subsidized by DRAC Ile-de-France / Ministry of Culture and Communication