Maria Eugenia Lopez


Nothingness is a project that questions our relationship with emptiness, non-existence, the blank page. During her recent trip to Venezuela, the dancer and choreographer witnessed the scope of the damage inflicted on her country of origin by the economic and political crisis.

Valencia, the city in which she was born, is half ruined. The main street has nothing left but a few facades that are barely standing. Emptiness is omnipresent. Everything is but traces, dust, vestiges of a quite recent past. How can one not be astonished? How does one react to the feeling of powerlessness and incomprehension? How does one reinvent oneself? Already, wild plants have come back; they venture into the open cracks in this abandoned urban area and create new assemblies, a new canvas, a new living space: an invitation to overtake the breach, to become anchored again and rebuild.

Concept : Maria Eugenia Lopez // Dancers : Shantala Pèpe, Louis Nam le Van Ho // Music: Guillaume Le Boisselier // Light design : Peter Maschke // Outside Eye :Pascale Gigon // Decor : Evelyne de Behr et Peter Maschke // Photo credits: Denis Gysen

Co-production : Théâtre Les Brigittines, Théâtre de La Vie // Partners & Residencies: Materiais Diversos - Lisbonne, La Briqueterie - Paris, Théâtre Marni // Accompanied by : le Grand Studio // With the support of :Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la Danse