Meet the artist

Pauline le Boulba

Tender Session / Atelier : J.J.

Working for several years on the notion of affected criticism in dance, I devise pieces in response to dances I have seen. With this new project, entitled J.J., it is important for me to return to the figure of Jill Johnston (1929-2010), a dance critic in 1960s New York and a lesbian feminist activist. By resorting to remake, assembly and anachronistic processes, the residence will allow me to devise a first cartography of Jill Johnston’s gestures, with the collaboration of artist-researcher Aminata Labor. Starting with archive documents and the creation of new materials, we will undertake a reinterpretation of her various lives through a fictional prism. During this first period of creation in Brussels, we would like to share our progress and reflections with LGBTQI+ communities in the region and anyone interested in a feminist and queer approach to the history of art.

What is a Tender Session?

Time for exchanges during residences/creations. Members of the public are invited to collaborate in the development of artistic research based on the specific needs of the artists in residence. They will address issues, experiment with new devices and tools, and be asked to fill in a questionnaire or two... We invite you to make yourselves available to one or more artists for an hour or two. These exchanges are intellectually non-threatening and rich, and everyone will be listened to considerately. Other than the members of the public on the day, a committee of 10 neighbours living or working on Rue de Flandre will also be in attendance, collaborating with us throughout the season.