Marc Vanrunxt / Kunst/Werk & Jan Martens



The artistic paths of Marc Vanrunxt and Jan Martens have crossed several times, and they are now coalescing in a solo for Jan. Vanrunxt was there in the early eighties, at the cradle of the innovative dance wave in Flanders. A few generations later, Jan Martens is adding great verve to the succession and continuation of this wave. In lostmovements, they explore lost and forgotten movements. Or is it rather a compilation of future movements, forgotten movements, new intentions and ambitions for the future (of dance)? You could just as well interpret it as a prelude to dance’s past, dance movements, motifs and motivations.

Over the last twenty years, Marc Vanrunxt has developed an impressive oeuvre. His Discografie, ZEIT and Extraction were performed at the Kaaitheater. Jan Martens has presented The Dog Days Are Over and Sweat Baby Sweat, which were both staged during The Theatre Festival.

Concept: Marc Vanrunxt & Jan Martens / Performance: Jan Martens, Set design: Katleen Vinck / Lighting design: Stef Alleweireldt / Technique Michel Spang.

Production: Grip & Kunst/Werk, International distribution: A Propic/Line Rousseau & Marion Gauvent, Co-production: deSingel internationale kunstcampus.