Cie System Failure/Louise Baduel et Leslie Mannès

Initial Anomaly


After System Failure and Human Decision, Louise Baduel and Leslie Mannès conclude their trilogy on the impact of new technologies in our daily lives with this third and final instalment.

Initial Anomaly addresses the challenges of developing artificial intelligence. Inspired by transhumanist theories, the members of System Failure tackle the idea of their death and imagine an intelligent program charged with creating their future "posthumous" shows. A complex algorithm "fed" with film and science-fiction series scripts, music, and choreography selected by the team members; will it be able to reproduce the company's style? On stage, the characters of Michel, Véronique, Thierry, and Helena, from the previous shows, are now "holos": virtual creatures, themselves equipped with a form of artificial intelligence, whose abilities will increase, to the point of achieving an unexpected level of consciousness. Will the creature go beyond its creator?

Concept: Louise Baduel, Leslie Mannès / Creation, performance: Louise Baduel, Sébastien Fayard, Sébastien Jacobs, Leslie Mannès / Light creation: Vincent Lemaître / Music and sound composition: Thomas Turine.

Production: Asbl Hirschkuh / Co-production: Les Brigittines /Supported by: Sabam, Le Bamp, Sommerstudios.

Tour Manager: Stéphanie Barboteau / Bloom project.