Cie Agostina d'Alessandro

Formless Mirror (She who reveals)

The choreographic piece Formless Mirror (she who reveals) for four dancers, loosely inspired by the work of the Russian film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky, questions the place of the masculine in light of changes in the patriarchal paradigm, along with acceptance of male fragility, vulnerability and the gentleness needed to face this repositioning in society. The quality of this dance, based on the Conscious Release method, brings complete freedom to the dancers’ movements. Nothing is forced or voluntary. Each move carries a unique truth and sensibility. Accompanied by live music from Michael Libera who brings a Renaissance instrument – the cittern – to life, the movement becomes virtuoso poetry and produces a profound, sensitive and human dance.

Choreography & Direction: Agostina D’Alessandro // Dancers: Hernan Mancebo Martinez, Samuel Baidoo, Mathias Skole & Iannes Bruylant // Musical dramaturgy & live interpretation: Michaël Grébil Liberg // Coproduction: Senghor, Expansive Being Asbl, Le Marni.

With the support of la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles & le Grand Studio.