Claire Croizé & Matteo Fargion

Flowers (we are)


The work of Claire Croizé is dansant, generous, and always sustained by her great love of music. In Flowers (we are), she engages with two of her favourite sources of inspiration: Bach and Rilke. She has placed both masters in the hands of Matteo Fargion, the British composer and multi-instrumentalist that you undoubtedly know from his brilliant duets with choreographer Jonathan Burrows. Fargion and Croizé have not created slavish interpretations of Bach and Rilke, but have rather opted for a playful, somewhat unruly tribute. They have made a selection from the preludes of Bach’s Das wohltemperierte Klavier and from his choral pieces, which have been transcribed for four-handed piano. In addition, Fargion has created new work ‘à la Bach’ in order to shed new light on his baroque masterpieces. He also interprets the poems of Rainer Maria Rilke as pop songs. He expresses his love through his irreverence.

French-Brussels choreographer Claire Croizé has presented various productions at Kaaitheater, including the exuberant EVOL, which was selected for Het TheaterFestival 2017.

Concept: Claire Croizé, Musical composition: Matteo Fargion, Dance: Emmi Väisänen, Claire Godsmark, Gorka Gurrutxaga, Music interpreted by: Matteo Fargion & Francesca Fargion, Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Dramaturgy: Etienne Guilloteau, Costume design: Anne-Catherine Kunz.

Production: ECCE vzw, Co-production: Kaaitheater, Concertgebouw Brugge, wpZimmer, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Support: Workspace Brussels, STUK, De Vlaamse Overheid.