Karine Pontiès / Michèle Noiret / Johanne Saunier / ETC.

Festival XS


While walls are being built everywhere – be they physical, economic or symbolic – we suggest you ignore them and reverse the trend. And again, as always, we invite you: Come one, come all! Please look.

Come rediscover this familiar place from moment to moment. Roam through the whole place from top to bottom. Meet a hundred artists with unique universes. Share their stories, their visions of the world through twenty short formats and a mix of disciplines (theatre, dance, circus, music, video …).

XS is three evenings full of surprises to help you to open up and to look beyond your horizon to multiply your points of view. In the wink of an eye see yourself, see others, differently. It’s like a condensed, concentrated version of the entire season. In the space of a weekend accelerate the rhythm to regain the world’s slow breathing.

Michèle Noiret / Désirs

Through technology which dilates the senses and amplifies the sounds of the body, two feminine silhouettes mirror each other. Each gesture has its own reason for being, a moving projection and sensitive reflections of desire. A plunge to the deepest of humanity in an intimate corporeal experience.

Karine Ponties / Fovea

Dancer Ares D'Angelo throws himself headlong into the fray without hesitation or reference point. Staying upright is an act of resistance more than a position. But to rise, to not just be standing, one must surrender, go forward, engage in combat.

Johanne Saunier / Happy to separate my legs

A dance performance performed like a manifesto, based on a text by contemporary English writer Martin Crimp. With movements and voice, the duo seeks the contemporary borders of our society by playing with the limits of a rectangular frame.

Johanne Saunier / La Chute

An elegant and fragile performance where body(s) fall ad infinitum, La Chute is the expression of our faith in time and future. Life is a cycle of rising and falling. The public is invited to look at this cycle of life.

Piergiorgio Milano / Pesadilla

A waking dream or a nightmare? Inspired by daily life and the difficulty of being one’s self, Piergiorgio Milano takes us to a farcical but also a tender place. An acrobatic sleepwalking dance that plays on unpredictability, fear and sincerity.