Cie Mala Hierba / Marielle Morales

En Effet


En Effet ("In fact" – also a play on the French word "effet" which means "effect" in English) is a solo developed together with musician-sound engineers Michiel Soete and Philippe Orivel. The show questions the effects produced by sound on the body, stimulus/response. A response qualified by the authors as "neuralgic" or "neurotic" stemming from the reactions of a body abused by the sounds of daily life, organic life, or the universe. In a sometimes poetic, sometimes burlesque or quirky mode, they explore a writing and language of the body, its recesses, and its depths.

Choreography: Marielle Morales / Sound, light: Philippe Orivel, Michiel Soete / Artistic advices: Sara Sampelayo / Set, scenography: Arnaud Meuleman.

Co-production: Les Brigittines, Charleroi Danse, Mala Hierba Productions / Accompanied by: Grand Studio, Bruxelles, Réseau Grand Luxe, Centre de Création Chorégraphique 3 C L Luxembourg.

Picture: Antoine de Schuyter.