Fanny Brouyaux et Sophie Guisset

De la poésie, du sport, etc.


From the threshold of the intimate to a potential opening to the universal, two young women run and give battle, seeking the path to emancipation. Strewn with pitfalls, this physical journey becomes poetic and dramatic.

With: Fanny Brouyaux and Sophie Guisset / Dramaturgy: Claire Diez / Choreragraphic coach: Moya Michaël / Sound creation: Christophe Rault / Light creation: Raphaël Rubbens.

Executive production : Mouvance a.s.b.l

In co-production with Charleroi Danse with the accompaniment of the Grand Studio and the support of Théâtre La Coupole, the South Pole, KVS and Théâtre la Balsamine.