Marian del Valle

Danses en dormance

In this project devised as an autobiographical serial, Marian del Valle explores the dances that inhabit her, the moves lodged in her body and in her memory. The performance is presented in the form of short pieces, with an emphasis on recurrent themes in the history of dance: “flight”, “waves” and “warlike dances”. Reminiscences, effluvia of time, and figures appearing and disappearing for the duration of a dance.

In the framework of festival LEGS @ Charleroi danse

Choreography, texts & dance : Marian del Valle / Lights: Boris Rebetez / Scenography & costumes : Marian del Valle / Music : Maurice Ravel, Luciano Berio, Juan Carlos Tolosa, Alexander Scriabin / Piano : Nathalie Alessi / Photo credits: Charleroi danse

Production : Andanada asbl / Coproduction : Charleroi danse
With the support of : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse, La Bellone