Mercedes Dassy

B4 summer

After I-clit, Mercedes Dassy is now offering a second solo, entitled B4 summer. Between disillusion with revolutions and an indomitable feeling of rebellion, B4 summer is the permanent distance between the body and mind, between thoughts and actions that attempt to free themselves from dominant models.

Choreography & Performance: Mercedes Dassy //Dramaturgy and extern eye: Sabine Cmelniski // Sound creation: Clément Braive // Stage direction & Light : Caroline Mathieu // Stage direction & Costumes: Justine Denos // Dramaturgy collaborator: Jill De Muelenaere // Rehearsal, artistic advisor: Judith Williquet // Sales: Arts Management Agency // Production: Théâtre la Balsamine / Arts Management Agency // Coproduction:Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre la Balsamine, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Charleroi danse - Centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles, Mars-Mons arts de la scène, La Coop asbl et Shelter Prod // With the support of : Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles / Service Danse, de [e]utopia, du BAMP, de Shelterprod, de, d’ING et Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral de Belgique.