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Michèle Anne De Mey & Jaco Van Dormael / Astragales asbl & KVS



As a consequence of a thermic shock of minus 30°C during a winter tour of Canada, the dancer and choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey suddenly fell into a coma at Toronto airport and only regained consciousness after some time.

In her subconscious, this ‘near death experience’ – the scientific name for the phenomenon – summoned up a powerful vision of light and heat, which united her closest relatives in an overwhelming burst of love.

On the other side of the mirror – of life, or of death? – we are not far from the world of Lewis Carroll, with Alice’s existential and metaphysical questions in a land that astonishes and questions us. A mirror frame with the dimensions of the backcloth, possibly a veranda, provides the screen out of which the scene of the dream and the imagination emerges. This happens by means of images of landscapes and natural elements, filmed by Julien Lambert and Giacinto Caponio, and is accentuated by the music, which evokes the shores of darkness, based on the image of the ‘laments’ of Purcell’s Queen Dido.

It also evokes the fine line between the death throes and death in a chaotic no man’s land full of absurdity and nonsense.

Created by: Michèle Anne De Mey & Jaco Van Dormael / Solo Performance: Michèle Anne De Mey / Direction: Jaco Van Dormael / Choregraphy: Michèle Anne De Mey / Assistant Choreography, Direction & Levitation Adjustment: Fatou Traoré / Scenography: Sylvie Olivé / Lighting design:Nicolas Olivier / Video design: Giacinto Caponio / Sound design: Boris Cekevda / Costume design: Nicole Moris, General direction / Levitation Partner & Design moving objects: Ralf Nonn / Scenography assistant: Aurélie Borremans / Lighting Direction: Aurore Leduc / Video Direction: Gwenael Laroche/ Sound direction: Boris Cekevda & Benjamin Dandoy / Scenography intern:Kenia Raphaël / Filmed sequences: Julien Lambert / Camera assistants: Adrien Legrand & Juliette Van Dormael / With the appearance of: Luc De Mey & Jacqui Beckford / Stage manager: Isabel Scheck / Technical manager Astragales: Thomas Dobruszkès / Costume execution: Nicole Moris, Nathalie Willems & Pauline Aschoff (Stagiaire / Interne) / Set construction: Ateliers Du Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles / Application patina: Valérie Perin / Design levitation « Magie Nouvelle »: Cie 14:20.

In cooperation with: Bernard Painchault, Marco Bataille-Testu & Robin Milly / Production manager: Astragales Asbl / Hélène Dubois / Production assistant: Manon Faure / Production:Astragales Asbl / Création Studio Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles Coprod. Le Théâtre De Namur - Mars Mons Arts De La Scène – Canadian Stage (Toronto) - Charleroi Danses Centre Chorégraphique De La Communauté Française, Coproduction:Le Théâtre De Namur - Mars Mons Arts De La Scène – Canadian Stage (Toronto) - Charleroi Danses Centre Chorégraphique De La Communauté Française

In Partnership with: KVS / With the support of: La Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles & The Taxshelter Of The Belgian Federal Government.