Radouan Mriziga



Radouan Mriziga explores polyrhythm, a bass rhythm in African music. By looking for the social equivalent of this unusual harmony, this exercise for two dancers reminds us of the necessity and value of difference in the creative process. Mriziga invites us to enhance the way we listen, both to others and to ourselves. This work is part of Objets Chorégraphiques, an initiative by Espace Darja (Casablanca) that invites choreographers to work with young Moroccan dancers.

!! This event will take place @ Decoratelier: Rue de Liverpoolstraat 24, 1080 Brussels !!

choreography Radouan Mriziga | dance Mohamed Lamqayssi, Ayoub Abekkane | dramaturgy Esther Severi (Kaaitheater) | production Espace Darja (Casablanca), Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre in collaboration with l’Uzine – Aïn Sebaâ (Casablanca), On Marche (Marrakesh), Arabesque Meknès | support Ministry of Culture (Morocco)